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Why Experienced Programmers Should Contribute to Open Source


People who have taken programming as their career has to do coding for almost 30 years. Will they always get an opportunity to do complex tasks or to write project from scratch? The answer is NO. Sometimes they may get but not always. What should they do?

Mostly programmers get a chance to enhance the existing code, fix bugs reported by clients or some other maintenance work. Every programmer has a dream to do something big, when they were in schools or college. When they enter in to the corporate world, it is shattered. Very few get an opportunity to pursue challenging tasks.

Say in your project, If you want to add a new feature or change existing architecture using Hadoop, NodeJS, or using any latest technology then Will you get a chance? Your manager will certainly reply that product management will not accept or they have different priority. 

If a programmer landed up in a less challenging job then what should they do? If you ask your friends they may advice to quit the job and pursue the dream. But don’t do that. It may hurt your lifestyle or your family lifestyle. 

Corporate industry always tries to make money in the things they sell. They invest in a project which makes money. It is important for any industry or economy to make money. Continue to work in your company but pick some interesting open source projects and work on it. Join with your friends and start some thing interesting and creative.

If you continuously eat food outside in a restaurant or a hotel then in a few days you may get bored or your stomach will be upset. The solution is cook your own food. If you want something challenging then start something creative. 

Happy Programming!!